Sentimental Plastic – What else can you do with a plastic bag? Upcycle.

Sentimental Plastics is an urban design project that explores how people use plastic bags in the city environment and aims to offer creative solutions to change peoples attitudes about their own use of plastic bags.

For the month of September 5th – October 7th 2007 we will be occupying a shipping container outside Sweet Mamas Kitchen at the Embassy end of Courtney Place in Wellington. Through a series of workshops and onsite activity, Sentimental Plastics will offer creative solutions on how to re-purpose plastic bags to create a more sustainable future.

This project is part of the month long urban design project Intenscity setup by the Wellington City Council.

According to government data, New Zealanders use 1.14 billion petroleum based plastic bags every year, which equates to almost each person using 1 bag a day. Have we have forgotten how to shop or consume sensibly? Not only are plastic shopping bags a needless use of precious fossil fuels; they end up in landfills, as litter in the environment, and they can kill wildlife when they are ingested.

They are estimated to take 500 years to break down in landfills, and even then, the micro plastic particles remain in the earth and leach out to our waterways and into the foodchain.

Who’s doing this?

Robert Appierdo
Robert is a Wellington based new media artist who develops live video performance and installation works. He has performed in Australia, China and toured New Zealand as a VJ. He is currently tutoring in Digital Media Design at The Victoria University of Wellington School of Design and runs his own creative studio Dnation.co.nz at the Wellington Toi Poneke Arts Center.

Morgan Barnard
Morgan Barnard is a new media artist working with digital cinema, experimental narra-
tive, documentary and custom electronics. In May of 2005 he received a masters de-
gree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at the NYU Tisch School of the
Arts. For the past 10 years Morgan has worked as a music video director, documentary
video maker, video artist and editor. Recently relocated to New Zealand, Morgan works
as a Lecturer in Digital Media Design at The Victoria University of Wellington School of


One Response to “About”

  1. Namila Benson Says:

    I would really love to do an interview about this project, on Radio Australia’s “In the Loop” program (ABC).

    Please contact me by email with your contact details (preferably phone number), so we can lock in an interview for the week of 17th – 21st September.

    Many thanks,

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