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History of the Plastic Bag

January 29, 2008

Taken from

1957 The first baggies and sandwich bags on a roll are introduced.

1958 Poly dry cleaning bags compete with traditional brown paper.
1966 Plastic bag use in bread packaging takes over 25 to 30 percent of the market.

1966 Plastic produce bags on a roll are introduced in grocery stores.

1969 The New York City Sanitation Department’s “New York City Experiment” demonstrates that plastic refuse bag curbside pickup is cleaner, safer and quieter than metal trash can pick-up, beginning a shift to plastic can liners among consumers.

1974/75 Retailing giants such as Sears, J.C. Penney, Montgomery Ward, Jordan Marsh, Allied, Federated and Hills make the switch to plastic merchandise bags.

1973 The first commercial system for manufacturing plastic grocery bags becomes operational

1977 The plastic grocery bag is introduced to the supermarket industry as an alternative to paper sacks.

1982 Kroger and Safeway start to replace traditional craft sacks with polyethylene “t-shirt” bags.
1990 The first blue bag recycling program begins with curbside collection.

1990 Consumer plastic bag recycling begins through a supermarket collection-site network.

1992 Nearly half of U.S. supermarkets have recycling available for plastic bags.

1996 Four of five grocery bags used are plastic.


How much oil is used to make a pound of typical plastics?

January 24, 2008

Check out this interesting article Morgan found about how plastic is made and also how much oil it takes to make a foam cup.

Photos from the Courtenay Place site

September 13, 2007


This is the container that we will be working out of. It is located in front of Sweet Mothers Cafe on Courtenay Place, right next to the giant camera sculpture. We’ve had it open for the past two nights. Rob and Craig (from Candywhistle) set up the container yesterday and got it ready for some plastic fusing goodness.

We are currently running a display showing a live feed of data related to our project. We’re using yahoo pipes to create a custom RSS feed using keywords pulled from various websites and search engines. It dynamically updates and displays title and body from the RSS feed. It’s been a good experience being on site and getting people interested in the project. Tomorrow and this weekend Rob and I will be around to create upcycled material from plastic bags. So empty out those drawers full of plastic bags and bring them down to donate to our project. As it progresses we will be running workshops and posting tutorials on how you can make your own material and get on the upcycling bandwagon.

Check back here for updates.